Walker (b. 1988) raised in the mountains surrounding Death Valley, California, a silent dessertlike environment desolated with pink sunsets.

When graduating in Fine Arts at the art academy (Groningen, NL) he created visuals for the upcoming hip hop group Dope D.O.D. including the music video ‘What Happened’. It’s the first music video where Walker is responsible for the concept, directing, D.O.P and editing. It was his intention to create a new perspective on raw and aggressive rap by showing it in a modern, catchy and alienated way. In the following years, he created several music videos for different types of artists like; Mr. Polska, Feis, Igorrr & Dope D.O.D.

A commercial promoting the Northern region of The Netherlands (made in collaboration with Marrit Koopmans) intuitively leaded Walker to create ‘M.R.’ a documentary about Dutch painter Matthijs Röling. 'M.R.' recently premiered on Dutch television (AVROTROS Close Up) 

In ‘M.R.’ Matthijs looks back at a lifetime of painting and drawing while all four seasons pass by. Death or closure becomes sensible in the film, but it also breaks with this idea of an ending by showing a perspective that everything comes to an end, so it can transform into something new. 

We’ve invested a lot of time capturing light, composition, and colors as a reference to Matthijs his paintings. It’s like he now figures and lives in the universe he painted. Walker likes to work with reality; natural light and existing locations, but captured in a way that makes this reality almost seem unreal.

  “I want to express everyday life as subtle surreal. As if reality becomes an animation or video game in which new laws arise, but at the same time remains grounded in our known reality.”

In addition to filmmaking, Walker has always been drawing and eventually began making paintings. For a public space in the Provence House in Groningen, he realized an installation of paintings and sculptures for different meeting rooms. His first solo exhibition opened on October 2017 showing a selection of 44 works. A mix of large-scale drawings and paintings he made in the past three years. Walker focuses on how a work enters through the eyes. Paint becomes like energy that is transmitted and becomes tangible.

"A work is visually perceived, but it is my goal to make a painting feel deeper in the body. I want the work to speak as a presence, a soul."

Where the play of opposites, or light and dark, makes our physical reality visible, the underlying connection between these two opposites is equally important in creating a work. A variety of characters, from Human figures to more alien like spirit beings figure in this world of harmonious contrast.